• The Republic of Texas 1845

The Republic of Texas 1845

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The Republic of Texas 1845

Once Texas’ claimed domain stretched up the Rio Grande to its headwaters in the Colorado Rockies, and on even further north into present-day Wyoming. Historically formatted, like the Texas 1836 map, The Republic of Texas – 1845 portrays Texas at its geographic zenith. Set in splendid physiographic context, the expanse of land comprising The Republic of Texas, including parts of New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming, Oklahoma, Kansas and Mexico is handsomely illustrated in Richard Hubbard’s fascinating “organic” style.

Based very much on John Arrowsmith’s map of Texas, published in London in 1841, this present-day work on the Republic captures the rapid organizational transformations, political, cultural, and military, that Texas underwent in asserting its new won status as an independent nation.

New trails westward, routes of military expeditions, naval engagements, and sites of conflict with the Indians and Mexican Nation are all graphically presented.