• Revolutionary Texas 1836

Revolutionary Texas 1836

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Revolutionary Texas 1836

Displaying Texas as it appeared during the turbulent revolutionary years 1835 and 1836, the Texas Revolutionary Map features a variety of special information of interest to Texans and map or history enthusiasts. Colony boundaries, trails, correct town locations, battlesites, and many other items are combined to present the most comprehensive picture of this period ever produced.

Hand drawn to exacting specifications by Austin illustrator, Richard Hubbard, the map’s data is formatted onto a specially prepared physiographic base drawing. Each color of the map was drawn on a separate sheet (8 sheets), then photographed and printed on parchment paper at a specialty “antique press” shop, Pike’s Peak Lithographing in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Hubbard also drew the ornamental north arrow, redrew the eagle and cactus symbol of Mexico off an 1830 Steven Austin map, and created the wreath and star.

Painstaking care was taken to project a culturally correct depiction on 1836 Texas. The Indian, French, Spanish, Mexican, Anglo colonists, and United States’ influences are noted throughout the work in the unique calligraphic style of Sharon Ross.

Ross, also of Austin, and Hubbard worked together to produce the inset map of the Republic of Texas. It is based on an 1849 DeCordova map inset redrawn and regressed 13 years to 1836 information.