• Sesquicentennial Texas 1986

Sesquicentennial Texas 1986

Print 41-1/2 x 45-1/2



Sesquicentennial Texas 1986

Four outstanding individuals made unique and special contributions to the creation of this stunning visual image of Sesquicentennial Texas – 1986. Richard Hubbard designed and drew the physiographic base sheet upon which the rest of the illustration’s data is featured. This represents the finest and most meticulously detailed had rendering of the State of Texas ever produced.

The Eagle and Quetzalcoatl (Kets-oll-coot-ul) are original drawings by Philip Trussell, noted Austin artist. The Eagle was particularly difficult to capture and Trussell spent many hours at the Texas Memorial Museum counting eagle feathers.

Sharon Ross, calligrapher of all three maps, drew the yellow rose north arrow, with cardinal and sub-cardinal points represented by the flower’s petals. She also calligraphed the rose and star adornments around the illustration’s perimeter.

Airbrush artist, Ed Aiken, contributed his expertise in creating the Gulf of Mexico from its interface with the Texas coast out into the depths.